What is Flow?

Overview of Flow
Flow is building NFT infrastructure for the modular blockchain world. Flow is currently live on Ethereum mainnet with its aggregator product. As the blockchain infra goes modular, we will see applications like NFT marketplaces and minting platforms use app-specific infra that is custom built to serve app needs better. Flow is building the world's first rollups tailored for NFT marketplaces. A high level roadmap:
  • Deploy Flow as an app specific rollup where Data availability, Consensus and Settlement layers are modular and swappable. Settlement layer could be leveraged by other NFT rollups for composability.
  • Custom built off-chain indexing and compute infra to host off-chain data like images and perform matching logic.
  • Introduce Creator tooling for easily creating and deploying NFTs all on the rollup tailored for NFTs.
  • Increase token utility by tying it with the above ideas: $XFL could be used as a gas token for the rollup and as a payment currency for off-chain infra and any AI and Creator related tooling.
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