Flow NFT aggregator

Aggregator and marketplace
Flow is currently live with its aggregator product on Ethereum mainnet. Flow's aggregator at its core is a bid sniper. A good analogy of Flow is that it is "1inch for NFTs". On Flow, users can place bids on multiple NFTs with a single signature. Then Flow scans all supported marketplaces to find matches for the bids and automatically executes them when matching listings are found. Here's an example flow: - User A placed a bid for 15 ETH on Azuki #3456 - User B makes a listing on any marketplace lets say OpenSea (or Flow's native marketplace) for 14.9 ETH - Flow's matching engine then matches user A's bid with user B's listing and completes the asset transfer, transferring WETH from user A to user B and the Azuki from user B to user A. - User A earns $XFL rewards for making this purchase. Currently 9M $XFL are being distributed to all buyers on the platform proportional to their buy volume. - Check https://flow.so//rewards
Unique features of Flow's aggregator:
  • Vampired liquidity: Flow features listings from all marketplaces (currently Opensea and Flow with more coming soon) as Flow's native listings.
  • Buttery smooth UX: There are no txns on Flow beyond token approvals. Orders are automatically matched and executed by our meanest, per collection sharded matching engine instances in mere milliseconds.
  • Next level sniping: Want to snipe listings before anyone else but don't want to build your own bots? Don't want to spend all day looking at realtime feeds? Flow allows you place bids with a simple UX and auto snipes matching listings from all marketplaces.
  • Advanced orders: Place multi collection bids, single NFT bids, and multi NFT bids to match your trading strategies. Simple orders currently live with more dropping soon.
  • Bulk signatures: Place up to 16 million orders with a single readable bulk signature. No more signing blind hashes. H/t to the Seaport team.
  • No gas for failed transactions: Flow uses Flashbots to relay all transactions - so users don't pay gas for any failed ones resulting from listings/bids becoming unavailable during transaction execution.