$XFL tokenomics

$XFL token distribution
$XFL is at the core of Flow. $XFL is used to reward platform usage, as a gas token in upcoming rollups and potentially as a payment token for any AI and Creator related tooling. This doc outlines the token ($XFL) distribution and incentive programs for Flow. Two powerful outcomes of the model below are a huge Uniswap V2 liquidity for the token and price stability.
During season 1 (see below), the only circulating supply of the token comes from the initial Uniswap liquidity pool. All platform rewards and all other tokens have a minimum 3-month lockup with team & investor tokens locked up for 6 months.

Token Supply

Total token supply: 10B
Community: 70%
  • Airdrop: 8%
  • Listing, buying and creator rewards: 50%
  • Referral rewards: 2%
  • Liquidity: 5%
  • Advisors & Marketing: 5%
Team & Investors: 30%

Token allocation

Token emission schedule

Note: Referral and creator rewards are not included in this chart

Token Distribution

Season 1

  • Ends on Jul 31 2023.
  • Creator rewards: 100k tokens per day (for whitelisted collections that have vol on the day). Flow only supports ~100 collections and not all of them will be whitelisted for creator rewards. Yuga labs NFTs and other well funded NFT projects will be excluded from these rewards.
  • Listing rewards: 900k tokens per day.
  • Buy rewards: 9M tokens per day.

Future Seasons

  • Once more products are built out, we will explore incentives for future seasons.
  • Timeline to launch: before the end of Season 1.


  • $XFL stakers receive a boost on NFT listing and buy rewards.
  • Tokens once staked are only unlocked at the end of Season 1. All staked tokens will be unlocked at once.
  • There are 4 reward multiplier tiers:
# Tokens staked
Reward boost
Base + 0.5x
Base + 1x
Base + 1.5x
Base + 2x
In the case where the total rewards including multipliers exceed the allocated supply towards them, reward program duration will be cut short.

Lockup and Vesting

  • All earned tokens earned via incentives are locked up for 3 months from the TGE. After the initial lockup, 25% of the tokens will be unlocked and the rest will vest linearly over 3 months.
  • During season 1, the only circulating supply will be what we seed the Uniswap V2 pool with and any additional LP we add from the use of platform fee.
  • Team/investor/advisor tokens are locked up for 6 months. 25% are unlocked after 6 months and the rest vest linearly over 18 months.

Benefitting the token & Flow

  • Flow has a 2% marketplace fee and 0% royalties.
  • 0% royalties are required to avoid double payment of royalties on listings sniped from external marketplaces.